Sunday, 26 February 2012

Ceremony of Yusry and Lisa earns praises from Malay dailies

THE wedding of acclaimed local director Yusry Abdul Halim and screen starlet Lisa Surihani Mohamed hogged the headlines of Malay dailies, singing praises of the celebrity couple.

Pictures of the loving couple graced the front pages as a prelude to detailed descriptions of the “Winter Garden” themed wedding at Hotel Marriott Putrajaya on Wednesday night.

Some 250 family members and friends of the couple attended the event, where the 38-year-old Yusry presented his wife with nine sets of hantaran or wedding gifts, on top of a platinum chain as dowry.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

How to Make a Mini Greenhouse

When it comes to the garden decoration, we often experiment with a lot of things. Those who are really fond of gardening especially take out some time for their garden and the garden decoration in order to make their garden look prettier. There is no doubt about the fact that garden decoration helps you make your place look really beautiful and appealing to others as well. Different types of plants, flowers, canopies, flower pots and decoration figures for the garden are certain things which prove to be a great help in garden decoration. A greenhouse is also an integral part of certain gardens and you can create your very own mini greenhouse if you are really fond of a greenhouse.

Maintaining your Blood Sugar

Blood sugar level is the amount of sugar present in the blood of an individual. It is essential to maintain a healthy blood sugar level because it is the primary source of energy to the cells of the body. If the blood sugar level goes both higher and lower than its normal range, it can cause serious health issues.

Every person whether healthy or sick, should definitely keep a check on their blood sugar level. Although, it fluctuates a little throughout the day, and is lowest early in the morning before the first meal; it is still recommended for blood sugar prevention to maintain it through diet instead of waiting for something wrong to happen.